Paragraph Writing Practice

In the last part that is the conclusion of paragraph not only did it is also stubbornly unavoidable it is not only but also so those are the linking words here remember for bringing about cohesion connection always pay attention to sign posting or linking words these are the words that guide the reader along the path of the writers intended meaning so you want to convey a meaning use or make and effective use of linking words however by this I do not mean that overuse linking words in the same paragraph use all the linking words that you know use them judiciously but use them with variety again go back to the previous paragraph and see how linking words are used I am going to show you another paragraph.

If you try to replace the linking words the meaning wouldn’t come off that is strongly and it will weaken the overall structure let us look at the paragraph here is a sample for you I have highlighted all the linking words read it and see by replacing these linking words what happens to the sentence to the over to the overall reading quality and coherence of these sentences remember now this is not just one single paragraph but several paragraphs coming together however for example and and such and whether but just like as later as mean why however look at the variety look at the good use of the linking words and the signposting words they tell you where to make a turn in your thoughts and ideas so in a nutshell what should you do in order to start writing a good paragraph brainstorm ideas either singly or in pairs or in groups organize your ideas in a plan and then write a draft if you want to write practice writing always write you can read as many books about writing you can listen to as many lectures about writing unless you write your thoughts on a piece of paper or on your PC.

You are not learning enough so practice writing here is a list of some practice paragraph topics for you please look at the slide I would want you to write a para on any two of the following in about 150 words each a diesel engine a filament lamp a simple microscope the Fahrenheit scale the periodic table this is your work to practice writing here is another slide for you to consult and refer to on paragraphs please look at the slide all right before we wind up I want to do this vocabulary exercise a very simple but you will find it interesting something that you may use in your day-to-day life please look at this line is vocabulary complete the following how do you put in these words a dash of oilmen a dash of aspirin a dash of bandages a dash of tissues a dash of sunburn spray so the idea is that I want to test your vocabulary in day to day matters and here are your answers a tomb of Ireland a bottle of his esperan a package of bandages a box of tissues a can of suntan spray sometimes they are instead of bottle of aspirin you may use something else.

Roadmap Through Your Essay

You want to give your reader a roadmap or an overview that is you want to tell your reader really usually happens sort of at the end of the introduction you want to tell them what you’re going to talk about because once you go into the nitty-gritty you don’t want your reader to lose a sense of what the overall argument is or what the thesis the final conclusion of the paper is going to be so give your reader a sort of a quick roadmap usually it looks something like this in part one of the paper I will address X and part two the paper all addressed watt and part three of the paper all address my thesis and the counter-arguments to my thesis and then that’s it right do you have a sort of roadmap to your reader so it’s clear to them it will also help you as a writer so that you’re clear about what you’re doing number three. Learn how to create a good roadmap for your reader at Edusson.

Explain each premise of your argument in its own paragraph then move to the next premise or the supporting premise and then write a paragraph for that so think about like this if you’re if your outline is your argument then that means that your paper which is composed of paragraphs each paragraph essentially will be related to a specific premise or a supporting premise for your overall argument right and then you basically just want to go through each of the premises until you arrive at the conclusion so this means that what you need to do is you need to get get into the practice of not only explaining the material but you something you need to give examples and then you need to defend the types of examples and defend your interpretation of whatever it is you’re explaining so make sure that each paragraph essentially can do those things can explain give examples and defend and then finally you want to clearly connect each of the premises together not if the parenthesis but of the parentheses so clearly connect all the parentheses together into the overall argument.

Now we should mention here and if you’ve taken a course in English Composition or another sort of writing Composition course you’ll notice that there are different ways to write essays there’s more classic style there’s what’s munoz the Toolman or liberals Arian and there’s a whole bunch of different styles of writing essays I should say that by no means is this little list ultimately sufficient for all of those different styles so there’s a lot more research here you could do to learn so I encourage you to do that so but your argument is your outline so one of the ways you can practice this is by writing paragraphs for the definite claims that you’ve made in the past now if you’re working on the exercise here what the exercise asks you to do is you know earlier when you made those definite claims like the example we had was about marijuana usage and then under what conditions that might be justified or legal or something like this once you sort of have the definite claim now practice writing a paragraph for instance that supports that definite claim so it’s practice practice practice.

Don`t Rely On Popular Saying

Conclusion should bring a closure to the essay don’t treat it like a film ending that you can keep it double or you know you can keep it open like like there are some movies for example in which the ending is like you know there is no ending you know it’s like open ending so don’t do that because in these exams they want to they want to see how you conclude what is your point of view whether you have been able to defend the side that you have chosen they want to see these things so this is the general schema.

And now I will tell you how to put this into practice because until and unless I give you an example you know all this exercise is quite futile so let me give an example now let’s say you are given a you know something to write on that is about women empowerment right so I check the past papers and I found that all those exams in which there is a descriptive component whether it is essay writing whether it is paragraph writing it is argumentative essay writing scripta Vesey Edusson nz or whatever there is an element of writing something related to women is always there whether it is women empowerment whether it is the role of women in today’s world whether the women leadership is their gender ratio whatever right.

So let me take a common type of a of a you know topic like women empowerment right so you can put a code to start with something like this you know a woman is the full circle within her is the power to create nurture and transform Diane Mary child now one more thing if you don’t remember the author’s name then just write something like Chinese saying and no one no one gives two hoot whether you have written it whether it is actually a Chinese saying or not no one bothers about it just write a code and write Chinese saying or write Greek saying popular saying.

Something like that no one cares or you can also say as goes one saying or as is being said or they say that a woman is the full circle within her is the power to create notion and transform your opening line itself will create such an impression on the person who is reading it that you know you have already done half your job here they say that a good beginning is half the job done so this will make sure that the person you know just imagine that the you know the reaction of a person when he reads this line he will immediately get to know that this person has done his homework avoid cliches when you write now see this is one thing that most of the people do and they lose marks cliche means something boring things see for example if you are given something like women empowerment then don’t go on writing about you know women if a woman is strong then a household is strong you know if a woman is empowered the country is empowered everybody writes that.