Reasons to quantify your accomplishments for employers

There are several reasons why it is essential to quantify one’s accomplishments. For example for a Public Manager, measuring his performance and checking accomplishments, it will help his superiors and the firm in general understand his capabilities and level of competency. In addition, doing so will help his employers in several areas such as overall control, budget, promotion and even help the firm learn more about their activities. 

Reasons to quantify your accomplishments

The Magic In Numbers

  1. Specific numbers play a very important role especially to the overall development of the firm. Attaching numbers to your accomplishments helps define and measure your accomplishments better. 

With numbers to play with, it is possible to make comparisons, set future goals and even measure performance of the firm. When your list of accomplishments has a list of numbers attached to each factor, they start to make more sense. This also improves your credibility.

For Contextualisation Purposes

  1. Quantifying your accomplishments helps provide a great level of context by helping the employers place the list of accomplishments into perspective. For an employer handling several departments, there are many employees to manage.

With accomplishment reports from employees of each department along with the specific numbers, it becomes very easy to understand who to assign what task, with effect that overall productivity increases.

For Efficiency Monitoring

  1. If you are an employer in a big firm, there are many reports for you to get through daily. However, if the reports are simply a list of accomplishments, then it becomes almost impossible to get through all. 

On the other hand, if the report quantifies the accomplishments, highlighting the numbers; it makes life much simpler for the employer and is also likely to lead to a more successful firm.

Keeping Track of the Firms Objectives

  1. Many firms implement KPI (key performance indicator). What KPI does is help determine how well the company is doing at meeting it goals. It is common for a manager to set out a number for the KPI for a project. This can be used for several purposes including measuring the performance of an individual employee.

Now, for a firm that does implement such a structure involving KPIs, it becomes essential for an employee to quantify their accomplishments in a well-defined manner.

Gauging Company Performance

  1. It is always essential for any firm to monitor the progress of the employees and the overall firm. There are several methods to get this done. The best way to do this is by using numbers.

Quantifying your accomplishments and placing them in a report can go a long way towards helping the manager gauge the progress of the company or firm. 

How to quantify your accomplishments?

There are many advantages of quantifying your accomplishments as already described in the article. It is not only important to make the list, it is also necessary to make sure it is done in the right format. Thus placing numbers to important accomplishments especially when they stand out is vital. Here a few sample accomplishments that should always be accompanied with the right number.

  • # clients acquired in the month of January
  • # of files organized
  • # of locations opened or closed
  • # of people successfully trained
  • % of satisfied clients in the year 2016
  • # of clients managed
  • % of client referrals
  • # ratio of client retention


A list on how one can quantify their accomplishments would be endless. What is important here is to keep everything in context. For a recruitment firm it is important to know how many contracts were won and employees successfully placed. The accomplishments thus should be focused towards this subject. 

Another very important factor to remember is to use the right kind of language in a report. It is a good idea to highlight the figures in a summary. But at the same time use strong language while writing a report.