Roadmap Through Your Essay

You want to give your reader a roadmap or an overview that is you want to tell your reader really usually happens sort of at the end of the introduction you want to tell them what you’re going to talk about because once you go into the nitty-gritty you don’t want your reader to lose a sense of what the overall argument is or what the thesis the final conclusion of the paper is going to be so give your reader a sort of a quick roadmap usually it looks something like this in part one of the paper I will address X and part two the paper all addressed watt and part three of the paper all address my thesis and the counter-arguments to my thesis and then that’s it right do you have a sort of roadmap to your reader so it’s clear to them it will also help you as a writer so that you’re clear about what you’re doing number three. Learn how to create a good roadmap for your reader at Edusson.

Explain each premise of your argument in its own paragraph then move to the next premise or the supporting premise and then write a paragraph for that so think about like this if you’re if your outline is your argument then that means that your paper which is composed of paragraphs each paragraph essentially will be related to a specific premise or a supporting premise for your overall argument right and then you basically just want to go through each of the premises until you arrive at the conclusion so this means that what you need to do is you need to get get into the practice of not only explaining the material but you something you need to give examples and then you need to defend the types of examples and defend your interpretation of whatever it is you’re explaining so make sure that each paragraph essentially can do those things can explain give examples and defend and then finally you want to clearly connect each of the premises together not if the parenthesis but of the parentheses so clearly connect all the parentheses together into the overall argument.

Now we should mention here and if you’ve taken a course in English Composition or another sort of writing Composition course you’ll notice that there are different ways to write essays there’s more classic style there’s what’s munoz the Toolman or liberals Arian and there’s a whole bunch of different styles of writing essays I should say that by no means is this little list ultimately sufficient for all of those different styles so there’s a lot more research here you could do to learn so I encourage you to do that so but your argument is your outline so one of the ways you can practice this is by writing paragraphs for the definite claims that you’ve made in the past now if you’re working on the exercise here what the exercise asks you to do is you know earlier when you made those definite claims like the example we had was about marijuana usage and then under what conditions that might be justified or legal or something like this once you sort of have the definite claim now practice writing a paragraph for instance that supports that definite claim so it’s practice practice practice.